Ebony London


July's Featured Artwork by Ebony London

Lucille, Cleo & Sugar 

Acrylic on canvas

12 in w x 24 in l

“This is my last night with my breast.” Lucille said as she stood in front of the mirror. Cleo & Sugar sadly looked at each other, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to escape.

“Let’s Do This!”

Lucille’s instant change in tone got Cleo’s & Sugar’s attention.

“Lets!” Cleo said as she stood up & began to undress.

Sugar hit play on the stereo & India Arie’s song “Video” played loudly as the three women put on the gowns that Cleo had custom made for this special night. Once all the women were fully dressed, they grabbed each other’s hands before walking out of the dressing room. The photographer smiled as the three bare breasted women wearing beautiful purple gowns made their way in front of her camera.

With their hands on their hip, the three women stood tall and proud. The photographer didn’t need to put forth any effort in capturing their beauty. - Ebony London

"When you look at my artwork, I want you to be reminded of who you are! You are beautiful! You are colorful!  You are elegant! You have so much to be proud of!  You are stunning! You change the vibe and energy in every room you enter! You make people look twice! People gravitate towards you! You are confident and your body language shows just how confident you are! You do things on purpose and with purpose! You embrace your natural self and give others permission to do the same! You have a high standard! You are enough!" 

-Ebony London on her artwork