Ebony London



Ebony London Art Studio is available to rent for your next class, workshop, meeting and or intimate gathering! Providing a backdrop of colorful Fine Artwork, minimal decorating is needed. 


One-time rentals

$125 per hour / 2 hour minimum

Ebony London Art Studio  defines the rental period as being from the time of arrival in the space until departure. 



The Studio can host the following meeting room style set ups and participant capacity:

  • Theater style: 15 participants
  • Class room style: 4 square tables (16 people) 3, six-foot rectangle tables (12-14 people)
  • Reception style: One room for food. The other for seating.
  • Board Room style: 1, eight-foot table (seats 6-10)
  • U Shape Style: 3, six-foot tables each room (seats 6 -9)

Ebony London Art Studio is rented on a "first come, first served" basis, so if there is a date and time that you are considering using, we recommend getting a rental request to us and confirming your reservation by paying promptly. Please note that reservations are not confirmed until the rental contract has been acknowledged and payment has been received.

After payment is confirmed, you will receive information on accessing the space and other details particular to your rental.

The hours for which you reserve the room should include all set-up and clean-up time, and please also be considerate to other renters who may be in the space immediately before or after your rental by not entering early (unless you've checked with us first) and by leaving the space at the agreed-upon time.


  • Do not smoke in or around the building.
  • Leave the Studio as (or better) than you found it.
  • Replace any drinks, food and materials that were unexpectedly used.
  • Rentals are not guaranteed until paid in full.
  • Renters may not transfer their rentals to a third party.


We have 16 folding chairs and 4, six-foot tables and 1, eight-foot table  for your use that you may set up and move as you like. When you are finished with them, the chairs and six-foot tables should be returned to the storage closet.

Take care not to scratch the floor by dragging heavy furniture across it. If you need to move something heavy, please pick it up with a partner or use a moving dolly.

During set up, tables & chairs should not touch the walls as they may disturbed and or damage artwork.

Return the room to the arrangement in which you found it. Likewise, please feel free to change the position of the rugs and other small items, making a note of their original location. If you use paint or art supplies, please clean up any drips and spills before they dry on the floor or furniture. Cleaning supplies are located under the sink in the restroom.


Air conditioner: You may adjust the temperature to your comfort level. When your rental is finished, please return the setting to how it was found.

Thermostat: You may adjust the temperature to your comfort level. When your rental is finished, please return the setting to how it was found.

Wifi password: Is located on the information card provided to you when you arrive.


Clients will receive a 50% refund on bookings cancelled by the client. Any event that is cancelled due to severe weather may be rescheduled at no additional charge. Exceptional circumstances resulting in a cancellation may be taken into account at the discretion of Ebony London Art Studio. Ebony London Art Studio reserves the right to cancel bookings for a full refund and will make every effort to give reasonable notice. Any refund due to the client will be returned within 30 days.


No party glitter, ever.

During set up, the contracted event time frame and take down, if Artwork is damaged or missing, the contracted client(S) is liable and will be billed. Payment is due promptly. Ebony London Art Studio‚Äôs Artwork price list is available to the client at anytime.

Please feel free to call us with questions or non-emergency problems at 916-708-7093. Texting is fine. If we can't get to the phone we will respond as soon as possible. In an emergency, please dial 911.


  • 24 hour rental time frame
  • $5.00 per easel 
  • 10 easel rental minimum
  • Client pick up & drop off
  • Check deposit of the value of the easels required
  • Check deposit will not be cashed unless easels are not returned or returned damaged.
  • Value of each easel is $26.94 (easel & shipping of easel)
  • Holds up to a 16 x 20 inch canvas

Contact Ebony London Art Studio for more information.

A signed "Artwork Easel Rental Agreement" 
and a written check for the value of easels required at pick up.