Ebony London


Ebony London

Ebony London’s Artwork celebrates the elegance & confidence of women. Her Artwork also celebrates the journey to self-love, in the form of rebellion, that most women eventually experience & retain for the remainder of their lives.

Ebony’s mother was a great example of this rebellious spirit.  After her mother turned 50 years old, one morning she walked out the door to run errands & returned home that evening with a full sleeve tattoo on her arm & her leg!

Ebony London excludes no woman in her artwork as she  creates figures using non-standard skin tones & hair colors. In Her Artwork, she praises the beauty in all body shapes and sizes as she paints beautiful, elegant, fitted and skin revealing clothing on her fuller figures.

"When you look at my artwork, I want you to be reminded of who you are! You are beautiful! You are colorful!  You are elegant! You have so much to be proud of!  You are stunning! You change the vibe and energy in every room you enter! You make people look twice! People gravitate towards you! You are confident and your body language shows just how confident you are! You do things on purpose and with purpose! You embrace your natural self and give others permission to do the same! You have a high standard! You are enough!" 
-Ebony London on her artwork