Ebony London


Corporate Paint & Sip

Event cost:

$35 per person

Number of participants:

  • 24 minimum per event
  • 100 maximum per event


  • 50% of estimated event total
  • non refundable

Painting information:
  • Medium-Acrylic on canvas
  • Canvas size – 16 in w x 20 in l

Event duration:

  • 2 - 3 hours 

Terms and Conditions

Materials Provided

Ebony London Art Studio will provide all paints, canvases, brushes and easels, for the Event. While Ebony London Art studio maintains quality control over the materials it uses, the quality of the paint, canvases, brushes and easels may vary from event to event, and venue to venue, and may be affected by a variety of factors.

Venue Set up

•Tables & Chairs: Ebony London Art Studio provides table & chairs for up to 16 participants. If the number of participants exceed 16, the client is responsible for providing the needed number of tables & chairs. The Client is responsible for the set up of the tables & chairs and set up must be complete before the Ebony London Art Studio Representative arrives for set up.

•Water Source: The Client is responsible for providing a water source within 200 feet of the event. Water source must have enough space to allow a standard size water bucket to be filled.

•Access to Venue: Ebony London Art Studio requires access to the venue for set up at least 2 hours prior to the event start time. For larger events, and if possible, Ebony London Art Studio may request more time for set up and or permission to set up the prior day.

•Lighting: Client is responsible for providing the lighting for the painting event. (Most venues provide enough natural and artificial light for a standard Paint & Sip event.)

Artwork End Result

Ebony London Art Studio makes no representations or warranties about the quality of any painting or individual experience at the Event. Every painting will be unique, and the expectation that a painting will be a facsimile of the painting depicted on the Website is unrealistic. 

Start Time

Ebony London Art Studio will make every effort to begin the instruction at the designated start time and complete the instruction in under 2.5 hours. However, the time it takes to begin and complete the instruction will vary based on a number of factors, and Ebony London Art Studio makes no representation as to the exact amount of instruction time at the Event.

Capacity Limitations

The Ebony London Art Studio bases the amount of materials needed for your event upon the number of participants listed in the contract. For unplanned participants, entry may not be available due to venue and or material capacity limitations.

Unauthorized use

Ebony London Art Studio paintings are developed by, and for, Ebony London Art Studio events. With the exception of each participants painting created at the contracted event, no participant has permission to copy or reproduce Ebony London Art Studio paintings, painting instructions, or any portion thereof, and no participant may sell, lease or distribute any reproduction of any Ebony London Art Studio painting, including the painting that each participant creates. Any unauthorized uses of Ebony London Art Studio paintings, painting instruction or Website are strictly prohibited.

Confirmed Bookings and Deposits

•A 50% deposit, a signed Proposal and a signed Terms & Conditions form must be received before the event will be considered “Booked/Confirmed” and the date(s) reserved.

•Deposit is nonrefundable.

•Contracted balance is due three weeks prior to the contracted event date. If date is changed, (extended) contracted balance is still due three weeks prior to original contracted event date.

Contract Changes

Final Details: Two weeks (14 days) prior to the event date, the final number of participants and all final details are due. Any changes made after this time are not guaranteed and may result in a service fee being assessed.

Cancellation Policy or event date change

Ebony London Art Studio will not cancel the painting event unless it is necessary. If Ebony London Art Studio cancels the event, a full refund will be returned to the Contracted Client within 14 business days. If the painting event is canceled by the Contracted Client, an offer to reschedule the event will be presented. If the Contracted Client cancels the event, the deposit will be retained by Ebony London Art Studio. The cost of the materials purchased for the event will be deducted from the refund due to the client or billed if no refund is due. Client may retain purchased materials & payment receipt of purchased materials.


Q. How do I know if my Paint & Sip event is a "Corporate" event  compared to a "regular" event.

A. If 'yes' is the answer to any of the following, your event is considered a "Corporate" event. 

 If the event will:

  • be hosted by a business  or organization (not an individual) 
  • have more than 24 participants
  • take place at a rented or leased venue (not a home) where a contract with the venue owner will be required.

Q. We are limited on time. How can we save time during an event?
A. For events with more than 24 participants, prepped canvases are provided. ( A canvas where the figure(s) is already sketched) Participants will be able to modify the sketch prior to painting. 

Q. Does Ebony London Art Studio provide food & drinks?
A. Ebony London Art Studio does not provide food & drinks for 'Corporate Paint & Sip' events unless requested. Food & drinks are an additional cost and the cost varies depending on the desired menu. 

Q. Will Ebony London Art Studio travel? 
A. Yes! Ebony London Art Studio enjoys traveling throughout the USA and abroad! The client is responsible for all travel expenses, including expenses to transport the needed materials for the event. Additional traveling fees may apply.