Ebony London




Whether you desire one piece, or an entire collection, I am delighted to create custom artwork for you. I gladly do commissions and/or installations based on the specific needs of your space and budget, and I will also work with your designer, architect, or art consultant.

Completion Time

Commissions usually take between 2-4 weeks according to the size, complexity of design, and current workload.   An exact “completion date” will be determined once all parties agree on the size, overall design, a deposit has been secured, and materials have been delivered.

(if applicable.)  


My work is priced using a formula which factors in the dimensions of the work, the availability and costliness of materials to be used, and the labor intensity of the techniques /processes that will be explored in creating the work.


The client is responsible for all shipping costs associated with the safe delivery of the piece. (including handling, materials, and insurance)


In order to make a unique and custom piece, I require excellent communication. I have a standard “Art Commission Agreement” that I require the client to agree to in order to spell out the specific details of the project, contact information, right of refusal, copyright, payment schedule, balance, shipping, delivery, etc


I require 50% upon beginning the project, to secure your spot on my commission calendar. The remaining balance is due before delivery of the piece.


I will make every effort to create artwork that is pleasing to the client. However, in the event that you are not satisfied with the final product, then you are under no obligation to buy the piece. You will be refunded your deposit, minus a 25% commission fee (that is 25% of the total price).


"I was surprised, grateful, and honored to receive the perfect mother’s day gift from my daughter.   It was clear that a lot of thought and love went into creating this painting.  The artist, Ebony London, titled my painting, “Free As A Byrd.” She was able to capture the essence of my heritage and lifestyle, along with the colors I love.  Thank you Chantel for being so thoughtful to commission my painting, what a precious gift! And I am pleased to find out that Sacramento has such an amazing artist in Ebony London." -V Byrd

"Ebony's paintings convey not only the physical beauty of a woman but also the spiritual beauty that lives in all of us. Her paintings never fail to calm my soul and fill me with joy. This particular painting "The reinvention of Toni" allowed me to see myself through someone else's eye and I loved what I saw. I feel blessed to have a ring side to watch Ebony grow as an artist. I will always be watching in awe and joy." - Toni


"This artist is truly gifted in her talent. She was able to produce an awesome, elegant and beautiful painting for my daughters and me; just by asking me questions. Her interpretation fits us well. I recommend any and all of Ebony’s paintings should be shown to the public." L Trapp

"An "Artist" friend of mine who is so talented that I commissioned her and put her 'skills to the test'!
When I described how I wanted her to capture her love for "Peacocks" and my love for "Giraffes" into a work of art, this is what she came up with; 'Portia's Legacy'!" - P Mack