Ebony London


One on One
Creative Business Mentoring

Consultation Cost: $150 for 1.5 hours

Ongoing Cost per hour: $75 per hour 

The following are the minimum requirements that must be provided in order to schedule a consultation: 

  • Business Plan/Outline 
  • Business License 
  • Business Website

Please do not contact to schedule a consultation if  
the minimum requirements can not be provided.

Click here to pay for your Creative Business Mentoring Consultation after confirming the date & time with Ebony London.

Creative Business Workshops

Workshop Inquiries

In order to make our initial contact more efficient, Please have the following information available when you contact Ebony London Art Studio:

  • Desired date(s)
  • Desired time frame(s)
  • Number of participants per workshop
  • Venue description & address
  • Workshop title or topic
  • Contact person's name, phone number & email

If you are at the beginning stages of planning your event & would like to verify if a date & time is available,  click here & send the desired date & time in the message field.

Workshop Cost

Workshop timeframes vary in length. The cost of a Workshop can be provided once the following information is received by Ebony London Art Studio.

  • Number of participants
  • Location where the workshop will be held
  • Title or topic of Workshop if applicable
  • Time allocation for the workshop: Th time allocation will determine the following: how the instructor will present the information, the amount of time that can be spent on group & individual  activities, questions & answering sessions, material cost & instructor travel & lodging expenses.

Budget Allocation 
Please provide the following information & Ebony London Art Studio will provide a Service Proposal outlining what service can be provided staying within your allocated budget.

  • Number of participants
  • Location where the workshop will be held 
  • Title or topic of Workshop if applicable

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