Ebony London


"A word after a word after a word is powerful."

 - M Atwood


Just as a life changing discussion ends, a life changing event occurs that forces a group of friends to take inventory of their beliefs, their relationships & of themselves.

Discussion is a book about thinking & sharing thoughts, listening to others & not necessarily agreeing, but respecting their beliefs.

Discussion is a book about tolerance & patience, universal truth & individual truth. Discussion is a book of ideas.

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Brandy spent weeks preparing a speech but when she saw the hopelessness on their faces, she knew they didn't need more encouragement or advice; they needed the truth.

The truth is what Brandy gave them & the truth is what set them free.


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Enjoy three stories, about three reunions, that proves love is always on time. 


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Book Reviews

HANDS DOWN this is absolutely the best book I have read this year, maybe within the past several years.

No person, place or thing has piqued my interest, harnessed my attention and expanded my perspective on the basics of life and freedom like Discussion. The author accomplished all of this while thoroughly entertaining me.

Far from complicated yet profound. I love this book. I woke up this morning with a new perspective on life because of this book.

It is rare for me to praise another author or promote their work on my page. I barely promote my own work on this page. I merely wanted to share something that shook me, changed me, and inspired me in so many ways...in a little over 100 pages.

-M Qahhar on Discussion


 "Written by London has outdone herself in this thought provoking novel of friendship and self-discovery. Discussion takes you on an exploration of external relationships, an inner journey of our own reasoning and will have you questioning your morals and judgments long after completion. This book touches bases on those uncomfortable subjects that other writers shy away from. In a bold move, Written by London has captivated her readers with taboo matters such as religion, marriage and the context of death. Be ready to delve into your own mind and stay for a while as this book will leave your subconscious stimulated for days." -A Marie on Discussion


"Perfect timing! These words will be the spingboard that you need to help propel you to the future that you deserve, while leaving the past where it belongs..behind you." -By Karl W on Released


"Inspiring story of a woman living the consequences of her actions and decisions. Heartbreaking and joyous, an interesting plot that kept the pages turning. Relatable characters and situations, I think every woman can find herself somewhere in this book. Released shows that God had a purpose for all that happens in our lives, the good and bad. I would recommend this book and think it would be good for women's groups. Excellent freshman effort for Ms. London, I look forward to her next book." -Kate Del Rio on Released


"I could not put the book down! I had to find out what was happening next and to me that is what makes a Good book. Every women can relate to at least one thing with the character and what she went through. It had me laughing and then the next moment wiping away tears. Looking forward to what the author will publish next!" -AJ Harris on Released