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Ear Art by Ebony London: All Ear Art is designed and constructed by Ebony London. Using laser cut wood that is designed for earrings as a canvas, Ebony London handpaints each pair. Unless listed, both the front and back of each pair of Ear Art is painted. Ear Art is constructed in a way that allows it to move freely, allowing both the front and back of the Ear Art the same amount of exposure. All Ear Art can be converted to clip-ons.

Ebony London Art Studio Paint & Sip Events: These are no ordinary Paint & Sip events! You are the Artist from the beginning to end. There are no rules! Enjoy customizing your color palette and experimenting with a variety of paint brushes! You will love what you create!

Hair Art by Ebony London: All Hair Art is designed and constructed by Ebony London. Using metal wire and wood, Ebony London designs, forms and paints each piece.


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