Ebony London



My Secret Wild Side (Made to order)


Ear Art Jewelry Box

Heirloom Collection


Height = 6 inches (closed lid)

Width = 6 inches

Depth = 2 inches(lid) /1 inch (drawer)

Felt Lining

This Ear Art Jewelry Box is "Made to Order." Please allow up to four weeks for delivery. After ordering, you will receive confirmation of your order. Approximately two days before Ebony London begins creating your custom Ear Art Jewelry Box, you will receive an email confirming that your order is being processed & an estimated date of mailing.

Would you like to personalize the Ear Art Jewelry Box with a name & or message? If so, please provide instructions. Please include the spelling of the name & or the complete message. Also include the location on the box where you would like the name/message to be displayed. If the Ear Art Jewelry Box is needed by a certain date & the date is in less than four weeks, please contact Ebony London Art Studio prior to ordering to verify if the desired deadline can be met.

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