Ebony London



Canvas Collection Ear Art Made to Order


Be a walking piece of Artwork with Artist Ebony London's Canvas Collection!

While combining her signature designs styles & her fearless use of color, she creates stunning, head turning & conversation starter Artwork to hang from your earlobes.

Measurements: 5.75 in w x 7 in l

2-4 weeks for delivery.

What to expect:

Approximately two days before Ebony London begins creating your Canvas Collection Ear Art, you will receive an email confirming that your order is being processed & an estimated date of mailing.

Once you have added your Canvas Collection Ear Art to your shopping cart, to order matching Canvas Collection Finger Art, return to the Webstore & enter "Canvas Collection Finger Art" in the search field. Matching Finger Art addition is $65.

What color palette & signature patterns would you like Ebony London to use as she designs & created your custom Ear Art? If desired, please email photos or more detailed information after payment is uploaded. Put your order number in the subject line. Confirmation will be sent once email is received.

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