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Ear Art by Ebony London: Ear Art is designed & constructed by Artist Ebony London. Using laser cut wood that is designed for earrings as a canvas, Artist Ebony London hand paints each pair. Each side of the Ear Art is painted & offers a contrasting vibe.

How to shop for Ear Art: While shopping, click on each pair to view the "Front & Back" of each pair.

Ear Art Construction: Ear Art is constructed in a way that allows it to move freely, allowing both sides of the Ear Art the same amount of exposure. All Ear Art can be converted to clip-ons upon request.

Description codes: Front & Back Shown - The colors & design are the same on both sides of the Ear Art.

FW (Flawed wood) - Indicates wood used includes natural textures that can be seen & felt.

3D (Three Dimensional) - The Ear Art has attached parts that stick out. Liquid cement is use as a bonding agent.

Revamped - The hand painted artwork is painted on a slightly used (but in excellent condition, inside & out) clutch or purse.

Revamped Jewelry - The jewelry was not created by Ebony London but was modified or improved upon by Ebony London

Custom Ear Art: Custom Ear Art orders are specific designs requested by you. Allow up to three weeks for custom Ear Art orders to be completed & shipped.

What to expect after you order a custom design:

- You will immediately receive confirmation of your order.

- Approximately two days before Ebony London begins creating your custom creation, you will receive an email confirming that your order is being processed & an estimated date of mailing.

Hair Art by Ebony London: All Hair Art is designed & constructed by Ebony London. Using metal wire & wood, Ebony London designs, forms & paints each piece.

Finger Art by Ebony London: All Finger Art is designed & constructed by Ebony London. Painted wooden pieces are cemented securely & all Finger Art ring bands are adjustable.

Heirloom Collection: All Ear Art Jewelry boxes & Ear Art displays are design & hand painted by Artist Ebony London.

Packaging & Shipping Cost: Ear Art, Hair Art, Finger Art & all other jewelry

Domestic Shipping: $4.50 & $1.50 per pair thereafter/ International Shipping: $7.50 for the first pair & $3.50 per pair thereafter.

Ear Art Jewelry Boxes & Ear Art Displays: Domestic: $25 flat rate per item/ Internationally: $40 flat rate per item

Custom Planters: Domestic shipping: $30 Flat Rate per order/ Internationally: $60 Flat Rate per order

Shipping schedule: Every Tuesday & Friday at 2:00pm. Orders will shipped on the closes shipping date (Tuesday or Friday) that follows the day the order is placed. (Example: if order was placed Wednesday, the order will ship Friday at 2:00pm. If the order was placed on Friday at 6:00pm, the order will ship Tuesday at 2:00pm)

Tracking Number: Once the order is shipped, via the email that is associated with the payment method used, a USPS tracking number will be sent.

Ear Art Care: Ear Art and all hand painted jewelry should not be slept in and should be removed prior to bathing or showering. All hand painted jewelry is protected with a clear acrylic coat. If cleaning is needed, use a disinfecting wipe.



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