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School Events

Art Appreciation

After 30 seconds of  silently viewing a piece of  artwork, each student would be asked the following questions.  

"What was your first reaction to this artwork? Why do you think you had the reaction?

Does your opinion about the artwork change the longer you look at it? Why?

How would you describe this artwork to someone who has never seen it?

If this painting had sound effects, what would they sound like?

If you could ask the artist a question, what would you ask him/her?

What’s the story being told, if any?"

Get ready for a fun, thought provoking discussion about Art, Artist, Creativity and Expression! 


Scribbling: To write or draw in a hasty or careless way.

Without an upfront explanation, each participant will close their eyes and for five seconds, they will scribble on a piece of paper. 

After being told how anything and everything can be made into art, even scribble, they will be challenged to turn their "scribble" into a character.  (adding eyes, nose, feet etc.) 

Once their character is created, they will be challenged to write a short story about their character and present both to the class.

Be prepared to experience just how far the imagination can go!

Team Building Painting Events 

Bring your team together with the power of ART!

$45 per person w/o drinks and food

$60 per person w drinks and food

(12 person minimum/30 person maximum)

The above rates are for Sacramento CA Clientele. Contact for a quote if event will take place outside of Sacramento CA or 

if number of participants exceed 30.

Individual Painting

Everyone in the class paints and personalizes their own painting with the help of  step by step instructions.


Collaborative Painting

Everyone in the group contributes to a large painting. (one scene, each person doing one part of the scene)


Mystery Painting


Our artist takes you through the painting step by step. The catch is no one knows what the finish painting looks like.


Musical painting

Paint one step, then move to a different seat to continue on to the next.

Painting and Poetry

While painting, stimulate your sense of hearing as a thought provoking poet expresses.

Call or email to schedule event!