Ebony London


Q. How do you describe your paintings?

A. I describe my paintings as "just enough to get the story started." I don't provide the scene, the emotion nor the story line. I only provide the figure. I desire the audience to create the story behind the figures. 

I've viewed a lot of amazing art that covered the canvas (or what ever surface it was painted on) with countless colors and objects. The art was amazing but it was also exhausting to me. My painting reflect my personality. I'm very direct; to the point. I don't like spending time guessing but I love spending time creating. 

Q. Why do you paint mostly women?

A. Women are exciting! We are forever changing our minds, style, hearts, diets, friends, hobbies and music choice. We are some exhausting being! I'm not sure how men deal with us! Actually I do. We may be exhausting but we are also soft, loving, strong, wise, fearless and life would be impossible without us. 

Why would I not paint women? 

Q. What is the story behind the peacock feathers in your paintings?

A. The male peacocks are the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. There is something majestic, elegant and simple about them. Painting peacock feathers requires a rhythm.  Each paint stroke is followed by a similar but shorter stroke.  The physical and mental rhythm of painting a peacock feather is calming to me and the end result is beautiful.  For me, painting peacock feathers is a creative relaxation technique: it’s my yoga class.