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I think I'm in love with painting

Most women believe it is a "him" that is the missing piece to fulfillment regarding their lives. I use to think that but as I was painting last night, I realized that my fulfillment regarding my life happened without "him."

It wasn't "him", it was painting that removed that "waiting around for something great to happen" anticipation that I've had for most of my adult life.

It's the thought of painting, not "him" that makes me want to cancel my plans on Saturday night to stay home and create.

Its painting, not "him" that I daydream about and wonder how our relationship will end. (how the painting will turn out)

It's my sketches of my paintings that I draw hearts around and brag to my friends about.

Its my paintings, not him, that I take pictures of and post on Facebook.

Its my paintings, not him, that I want to show off to everyone but that I'm also very possessive of.

Its my paintings, not him, that I sneak a quick stroke in when I really don't have quality time to spend with it but i need a quick fix.

It's my paintings, not him, that I rush home to every night and share a bottle of moscato with.

It's my paintings, not him, that I wrote a poem about.

I think I'm in love with painting.


Written by eLL

“I think painting is like eating hot wings. If the paint doesn’t get all over your hands and under your nails, you aren’t enjoying it enough!” -eLL


A few months ago I had the privilege of sitting across a restaurant table from an incredible and well known artist.  I boldly asked him to accompany me to breakfast with the hopes of picking his brain about becoming a great artist and he accepted my invitation.  When he entered the restaurant, I immediately recognized him. Not because I had seen pictures of him but because he looked like art. He was art! From his cheetah print eyeglass frames to the way his jeans pants legs were cuffed, he leaked art, creativity and fearlessness.  I was in awe.  As he approached the table where I set, I took a mental note of my conservative outfit and begin to feel slightly embarrassed.

During that two hour breakfast, I listened, trying not to drool as he spoke of his adventures.  He was creatively fascinating. After looking at my paintings and I’m assuming my outfit, his advice to me was “Don’t fear color! Embrace color!”

I never considered that I feared color but after giving it some serious thought, I agreed with him.  I thought about my overall wardrobe and about my strategy when I shop for clothing. I didn’t look for clothes that make me feel good or expressed who I was. My strategy for clothes shopping was to buy clothes that went with other items already in my closet.  I bought a lot of solid color clothing and clothes that could be layered.  I realized that nothing in my wardrobe said “Hello, I’m Ebony. I am a creative being who loves art, conversing and writing.” All my wardrobe said was “Hi, my shirt is clean and it fits.”I thought about my home’s decor and realized I was conservative regarding the colors there as well. Lastly I thought about my paintings and sure enough, I saw how fearful of color I was regarding my creativity. 

That night I went home and begin experimenting with color! I found out that I loved color!  I loved using color as a way to express confidence, sexiness, happiness, passion, hurt, attitude and every other feeling! 

Color has become a faithful companion of mine and for that, I am thankful. 


 "Painting is stronger than I am. It can make me do whatever it wants." -Pablo Picasso


A selfie with my artwork !



What makes you happy? Gift cards to art supply stores!

What's the best advice you've ever received? Trust yourself, with yourself!

What's the best thing you've ever bought? A $100, French style easel off of Craigslist! It made me feel like, look like, act like and want to be a professional artist!

What's the best thing you've ever been given? In regards to material things, my mother gave me an even bigger easel! With that easel, I discovered larger canvases.

What do you think about when you paint? I give all my paintings a name and a personality. When I paint, I create stories about the figures in my painting! The stories assist me regarding picking out the poses and the facial expressions.. I also think about what type of frame I want them to have.

Who is your favorite artist? I can’t really answer that. I have a great appreciation for all artists. (painters, dancers, poets, writers, musician, chefs, fashion designers ) Everything that surrounds me is art or at least I can see art in it. So my favorite artist could change every time I blank my eyes.

What do you want people to know about artist and creativity? I want them to know that they aren’t paying for the artist’s time, they are paying for the artist’s vision and to respect that.

Who inspires your artwork? All women. All fashion. All personalities. All colors. All hairstyles. Just about everything!

What is your goal with your paintings? My goal with my paintings is to inspire and motivate. I want people to look at my paintings/figures and see confidence, beautify and class.

What painting are you most proud of? I can honestly say the last one I painted is the one I am most proud of. Now once I start and finish a new one, if asked, I will give you the same answer. I will always be most proud of the last one I did because I see growth with each painting.

Besides painting, what do you enjoy doing?: I enjoy reading and being read to.


I'm working on a "Mix Media" series!  Jewelry and paint!



"Today I am a better artist. Today I'm fearless with my creativity. I will be the same tomorrow." -Ebony



My new thing! Jewelry!  I call this one Pretty in pink.


I painted this over 20 years ago!  Thanks mom!
'Two heads are better than one' is currently on a art tour.  So far the painting has won two awards! It's in the running for another award! I'll keep you posted!


I love designing gowns!


At least once a week I go to a café and work on my website! I make sure the café I go to has creative energy flowing through it! Energy is everything!


My legacy is this book.

3/21/2016 "All in the family" Progression.


Who needs a coat closet in California!! 

I love my paint closet!!

Artwork by artist Steven Adebanji 


Her dress was amazing!


I've been taking drum lessons for a few months!
Today I found my new love!
Her name is "Remember."
She reminds me of who I am and where I came from with each touch!


Mobile paintings! 

First butterfly ever!


Using paint chips is my new thing!!

How I love to spend my time!


“What is art?”

This is the question I will ask my class this Saturday.

My answer:

“Art is the lack of an elegant jewelry box.”

Outside the box

By Ebony London

I love Christmas! Growing up, we always had a wonderful Christmas! We always had those “My daddy was high ranking in the military and we didn’t have to pay rent because we lived in military housing” type of Christmas!

Our tree would overflow with present. My sister and I always had the latest Barbie dolls! My brothers always had the latest man dolls. The last one being “My little buddy.” Oh! And I can’t forget the talking Mother Goose whose head turned and eyes blinked as she read to us!

While growing up, I always paid attention to the gifts my father would give my mother. One year, while she was asleep, my sister and I did ‘look out’ as my father had a beautiful, hardwood, hand carved, eight seat dining room table delivered. I remember how I couldn’t wait until my mother saw it! When she finally walked into the room, I remember how she embraced my dad. After witnessing that, for years I remember thinking that I was going to get me a husband that was like my daddy!

One particular Christmas, as I watched my mother open her “big” gift from my dad, my mouth dropped and my eyes grew big! I couldn’t believe how beautiful and elegant her gift was. My dad had bought my mother the most beautiful jewelry box!

The jewelry box was made of cherry wood and stood 3 feet off the floor because of its beautifully carved Chippendale legs. The top of the jewelry box opened to reveal a smudge free mirror. There were so many drawers and compartments! The sides open to reveal gold hooks for necklaces. That jewelry box was the most beautiful thing I had ever saw!

I remember going into my parent’s room just to look at it and pretend it was mine.

As an adult, if anyone ever asked what I wanted for Christmas, I would always say ‘my tall jewelry box!’ I never got it and sadly I never purchased it for myself. My “income to bill” ratio didn’t allow me to spend $400 on a jewelry box. I had Cheerleading, school supplies, rent and food to pay for.

A few weeks ago, I was at JCPenny and I stopped to look at the jewelry boxes. They were beautiful AND 50% off! With my daughter working and providing for herself, I had a few extra dollars to spend. I decided to buy one! I spent about thirty minutes trying to decide which one I wanted. I was there so long, two different employees asked if they could help. To one, I replied, “This is a 30 year in the making decision! I’m going to need another moment!” She didn’t get the humor nor the cleverness behind my sarcasms!

While trying to figure out which one to get I begin imagining my jewelry sets, which are displayed on my dressers, on several velvet covered mannequins. Recently I’ve become a custom jewelry junkie! I mean, I can’t pass up beautiful and colorful jewelry! The weird part is, I don’t really wear it! I just really like looking at it and touching it. I might try a piece on and model in the mirror for a few minutes but then I set it back on its velvet covered mannequin and walk away until the next time I feel like looking at it or trying it on.

So as I was trying to figure out which elegant jewelry box to purchase, I imagined where each necklaces and matching bracelets would go. I also begin to image the top of my dressers being empty. I imagined me walking into my room and not seeing my beautiful and colorful jewelry. I imagined my jewelry being stored and organized in a box. A beautiful box but still a box!

I couldn’t do it! I could not put my jewelry, my art, in a box only to be forgotten about! That is not what art is for!

Art is to be displayed! Art is to be touched! Art is to be discussed! Art is to be free!

After 45 minutes of trying to decide which elegant jewelry box to get, I smiled as I walked away! My jewelry would not be neatly organized in a box! My jewelry would continue to be displayed, touched, tried on, discussed and simply to be the art I enjoy looking at.

I walked over to the jewelry department to look around. I found a necklace that was on sale that I decided to purchase. The necklace was horrible and tacky but it had a few good parts to it. I only purchased it so I could take it apart and well….. Create more Art!

So again class, what is art?


 I just like everything about her.

Marche's 2nd Saturday event!  Revamp Jewelry!


I love helping other create!

I'm excited! I will be on Good Day Sacramento talking about my event "Colorful"!