Ebony London


Ebony London Speaks

Ebony London didn' want much. In fact, she only wanted one thing; to spend every second, of every day, doing what she desired to do. Ebony London has satisfied that desire and wants to share with you how she did it. Her story covers a multitude of topics that all lead to her outcome; fearless and free. No matter the topic or purpose of your event, allow Ebony London to engage your audience by sharing an appropriate part of her journey.

Ebony is best known for her Artwork, including her line of  jewelry;Ear Art by Ebony London.  She is the owner of Ebony London Art Studio located in Midtown, Sacramento CA. 

Popular Topics

  • Personal Inspiration: Your life. Your choice
  • The power of fear
  • Entrepreneurship Inspiration: The Universe is bored
  • Setting goals and standards
  • Fearlessness: Living Fearlessly
  • Raising children: You are PROBABLY doing a good job raising your kids
  • Religious vs spiritual: There has to be more to You than this
  • Sexual freedom: If you aren’t enjoying sex, you are just letting your partner use you.
  • Dating & Relationships: Would you want to come home to you every night?
  • Creativity & Business