Ebony London



Come - Listen - Think - Express - Repeat

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Come:  Arrive by movement

Listen: Hear and understand what is being said

Think: Center your thoughts on

Express: Make known your opinions or feelings

Repeat: Do again

What is Discussions?

Discussions is a place to think and share thoughts, to listen to others and not necessarily agree but respect their beliefs. Discussions is tolerance, patience, universal truth and individual truth. Discussions is a place for ideas.

When a group of people gather, it is normally one person who is allowed to express themselves. For example, a pastor to his parishioners, a teacher to her students and a parent to a child. It is rare for the members of the audience to have the opportunity to ask question or to challenge what is being expressed. Discussions invites questions and anticipates challenges.

Who is Discussions?

Discussions is a group of people who get together to discuss a wide range of topics. The topics discussed are known to the participants prior to the meeting. 

The discussion topics are presented in multiple ways including:

  • Problem vs solution. Example: Why is the divorce rate high and what can be done to prevent divorce?
  • Direct question. Example: Compared to the current process, is there a more efficient way to elect a President?

When and Where?

Discussions takes in consideration its member's preferences regarding dates and time of the meetings. 

Each member/attendee will be required to fill out a questionnaire.  The Questionnaire is designed to assist the facilitators with getting to know group member and their preferences. 

At the end of each meeting, the date, time and location of the next meeting will be announced. This information will be sent out via social media as well. Keep connected with Discussions via Facebook.

About the meetings

  • Admittance to Discussions is Free.  
  • Refreshment and appetizers will be served at each meeting. 
  • The Discussion location will be open one hour prior to the meeting for socializing.


Ebony London is on a mission to set the stage for life changing discussions to take place. Ebony is a self-proclaimed ‘Responsible Free Spirit.’ She invites and enjoys new experiences and if those experiences feel right, she applies them to her lifestyle/belief system. She enjoys reading and writing and is the author of three books; Discussion, Released and Reunion. She is in the process of publishing a children's book.

Ebony is a lover of the Arts; dancing, painting, music and poetry. Some of her artwork is currently on tour traveling around the Unites States and has received awards. She enjoys line dancing and currently takes weekly dancing and drum lessons.  She is an advocate for those with mental disabilities and the elderly. She is a host/master of ceremonies for events that cater to women. Ebony lives what she calls a “simple life.” She enjoys taking care of her indoor plants and encouraging her outdoor plants to stay alive. She lives with her daughter and brother in Sacramento, CA.