Ebony London


Body Part

Do you want to learn how to draw or paint a specific body part or an entire body? 

If so, book a “Body Part” event!

How it works

You choose:

  • the model’s sex (male or female)
  • the model’s body type
  • the body or body part

Ebony London Art Studio will do the rest!

Class cost:

  • $85 per person 

Painting information:

  • Medium-Acrylic on canvas
  • Canvas size – 16 in w x 20 in l

Class information:

  • Number of participants:
    • 5 minimum
    • 20 Maximum

Cost includes

  • All supplies:
    • paints
    • canvas
    • easel rental
    • brushes
    • plates/cups/napkins (painting supplies)

Participant may want to:

  • Wear clothing that can be discarded. This includes shoes.
  • Pull hair away from face as paint can splash

Use this link to register for the "Body Part" painting event
or use the webstore tab.